Welcome to Level 99 Organized Play!

The OP program rewards you for battling against opponents in local and online events. Whether it's an event at your local game store or an online tournament, you earn OP points. Rack up those points to unlock special rewards at the end of the season.

Become a Player

Becoming part of Organized Play is easy! Registration only take a few minutes, and you can start earning points towards rewards the right away.

Get your PIN

Create a BattleConnection account and log in, then head over to your Profile to find your PIN. You'll need to give your PIN to event organizers at each even in order to earn OP Points. You can even print out a player card to keep your handy in your wallet!

Find an Event

Find an event and start playing! You can check out our Facebook page for events oragnized by other players, or join official L99 events at conventions we attend.

Earn Rewards

With every event, you'll earn points that qualify you for different levels of rewards. Each season has unique prizes you can't get anyhere else. Check out the loot for this season!

Become an Organizer

Help other L99 fans earn points by running your own OP events!

Complete the Application

After you have a BattleConnection account, complete the Organizer application to convert your account into an Organizer account. You'll receive a confirmation email after you've been converted, and your email will be added to our Organizer mailing list.

Plan Your Event

Download packages for both casual and competitive events. Packages includes rules for tournament play and instructions on how to run an event as smoothly as possible!

Record Event Results

After each event, come back to BattleConnection to record results. Entering in the PIN of all the players that attended distributes points to their accounts and helps them unlock new rewards.